June 8-12, 2014


2014 International Congress Abstracts

Regular abstract submission is closed as of January 6, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST.


Submitted Abstract Status Notification
Submitting authors will be notified of the status of their abstract via email in mid-March 2014. If you have not received notification by April 1, 2014, please contact Coe-Truman technical support, at




  • All posters must be printed horizontally (see diagram below).
  • Poster display boards are 191 cm wide x 120cm tall; all posters must be printed to fit within the confines of the poster display board.
  • Posters must remain within the width of your assigned display board and may not overlap onto other boards. Any posters that do not remain within the allotted space of their assigned poster board will be removed without prior notice.
  • Posters will be affixed to the poster boards with Velcro, which will be provided for you during set-up.
  • All poster boards are covered in Velcro cloth; use of staples, tacks, pins, or tape is not permitted.
  • MDS will not print, deliver, or set-up your poster for you.
  • Authors are responsible for transportation and set-up of posters.


Poster display boards will appear as illustrated below; in landscape orientation:



  • What is my abstract number?
    Your abstract number is the number assigned to your accepted abstract and poster, and can be found in your abstract acceptance letter. You will use this number to locate your poster board in the Exhibition Hall, and in the final abstract publication.
  • What is my publication (pub) number?
    This is the same as your abstract number. You will use this number to locate your poster board in the Exhibition Hall, and in the final abstract publication.
  • Can I hand out information on my poster during my poster session?
    For the safety of all attendees, any handout information must be carried by hand. Materials are not allowed to be placed on the floor, or in any way that might obstruct the viewing and / or mobility of any poster presenter or poster viewer. Any materials found in the walkway or standing areas near the posters will be discarded without notification.
  • Can I set up a table for handouts?
    No, furniture is not allowed in the poster viewing area. If you would like to hand out information about your poster during your poster presentation, you must carry it with you and distribute by hand.
  • Can I set up a laptop during my poster session?
    Any laptop / electrical equipment that you bring must be carried with you at all times, and cannot obstruct the viewing or hearing of any other poster presenter or poster viewer. *MDS is not liable for any lost or stolen materials
  • Are there electrical outlets near the poster area?
  • Are all accepted abstracts presented as a poster?
    Yes, all accepted abstracts are presented as a poster; however authors that are selected for a Guided Poster Tour will also present their poster in a brief oral presentation reviewing the highlights and research of their poster. Guided Poster Tour notifications will be sent separately from regular abstract acceptance letters.
  • When will my abstract be published?
    All accepted abstracts will be published on June 8, 2014 in the MDS Journal.
  • How will published abstracts be distributed at Congress?
    All accepted abstracts will be available as a USB in the registration area during the International Congress. All registered delegates will receive one (1) abstract USB along with their International Congress registration materials.
  • Can I alter the text of my accepted abstract on my poster?
    You can slightly modify the text on your poster as long as it does not significantly alter the content / outcome of your abstract research.
  • Can I store my poster until I am able to pick it up? *
    No, MDS will not hold your poster for you. Please plan to collect your poster between 18:00 - 19:00 on the day of your presentation. You may request a colleague or co-author to collect on your behalf without prior MDS notification.

    *Any posters, poster carriers/canisters, or materials left behind after 19:00 on the day of your poster presentation will be discarded.



  • When do I set up my Late-Breaking or Study Group Abstract poster? When do I remove it?
    Late-Breaking Abstract posters and Study Group Abstract posters should be set-up before 09:00 on Monday, June 9, in the designated area of the Exhibition Hall. Posters will remain on display throughout the duration of the Congress, and can be removed after 17:00 on Thursday, June 12.


Please Note: Cameras are not allowed in any of the poster viewing areas.